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The Palmdale Music Academy is so much more than a "music school." The Palmdale Music Academy is a Music MENTORING Facility. Our motto is: "Cultivating Musical Creativity!" This is what the Pamdlae Music Academy stands for, EXCELLENCE IN CREATIVITY. After our students progress from one level to the next, we continue to MENTOR them. Even when the student has progressed and graduated from our facilities, we are still available to help and assist them in their music explorations. Our goal is to make music a wonderful and outstanding experience for each student. The Palmdale Music Academy offers several differing programs for its students. Just to name a few, there is: Piano Training - Keyboard Training - Voice and Vocal Training - Music Production Training - Audio Engineering Training - Computer Music Training - Digital Audio Workstation Training (DAW) - Website Development & Design - Music Composition - Music Director Training (M.D.). We also offer computer learning labs for those who need help in navigating their computer. We are confident that we will have the right training for you and/or your child. Enroll in the Palmdale Music Academy TODAY!